Non ficion

  • Tio vilda hästar till toppen

    by Grethe Rottböll
    Ten Wild Horses race to get to the top of a mountain as quickly as possible. When you finish reading you have not only learned the basic numbers, but also that joy shared is joy doubled. A counting-tale picture-book gem with easy rhymes that you can ...
    Published August 2015
  • Ivar träffar en Triceratops

    by Lisa Bjärbo
    Fast-paced adventure stories that ends with a fun, fact-filled spread where each dinosaur talks about himself in My Friends-format. The dinosaurs are cute while being just the right amount of scary. The perfect book for all dino-fans – and there are ...
    Published September 2015
  • Tio vilda hästar firar jul

    by Grethe Rottböll
    Now It's Christmas and Ten Wild Horses invite you to a slap-up Christmas party, full of fun activities and a set Christmas dinner. But no animals like exactly the same thing as the horses. Worms can't jump over a buck or throw horse shoes, the fox do ...
    Published October 2017
  • Published October 2017
  • Här kommer färjan

    by Arne Norlin
    Halvan is the First Mate on the Oceania, a ferry, and a place where every day springs new surprises: dogs that run off; people who fall... But with Halvan at the helm, it will be a safe journey on the ocean blue. A fact-filled and fascinating book fo ...
    Published September 2017
  • Stora djurbajsboken

    by Anna Hansson
    A large-format non-fiction picture book combining many children's two favourite topics: animals and poop! Animal poop serves more purposes than we might think. Some animals cool off with poop, some wash with poop, while others use poop to defend th ...
    Published June 2017
  • Alfons kalasbok

    It is almost Alfie's birthday. He is going to have a party for all his friends, and here he shares some of his best party ideas. How do you make a balloon garland? What's a togetherness cake? The games and tips are all easy and inexpensive, as mo ...
    Published May 2017
  • På skärmen

    by Johanna Stenius, Petra Jankov
    Online. Hooked up. The web. The Internet. Whatever you call it, it means that there's no reason to wait to meet somebody face to face; you can instantly find thousands of people who like the same things as you. It's easy to forget how incredibl ...
    Published May 2017
  • Carls flyglexikon

    by Carl Johanson
    Do you dream of being able to fly? Perhaps in an aeroplane, a helicopter, a balloon, or by parachute? In this book you'll find them all, and much, much more. Learn the names of early flying machines, passenger, transport and freight aircraft, and ...
    Published May 2017
  • Pluto är ingen planet

    by Annelie Drewsen
    '"My name is Edwin. I love space! My mum says it's just a coincidence that I have the same name as the American astronomer Edwin Hubble". "Edwin is a nice name, that's all," she says. But I don't believe that's true. I was supposed to have the same ...
    Published May 2017
  • Tidenboken

    by Pernilla Stalfelt
    Have you ever thought about time? About time optimists, playtime, time travel, the time of year and timers? Is it possible to stop time? Or even keep it captive in a little jar? Time is exciting, fascinating and rather puzzling. Why does it some ...
    Published March 2017
  • Vilda djurboken

    by Martin Emtenäs
    Martin Emtenäs has explored dens, lairs and caves, and climbed into the nest of a white-tailed eagle. He has weighed, measured and tagged bears, eaglets and wolf pups, and met wildlife wardens, rangers, bird watchers and researchers across the count ...
    Published March 2017
  • Ellens alla hundar

    by Catarina Kruusval
    Ellen loves dogs – big and small, shy and playful. But it's difficult to find a dog that's not too playful, will walk politely next to her and won't lick her face all the time. Do dogs like that even exist? And if she does get a dog, she wants it ...
    Published March 2017
  • Jag lär mig rymden

    by Ingela P Arrhenius
    I Learn About is a series of activity books for children aged 4 and up. In I Learn About Space, you'll write, draw and work things out while learning about space. You'll visit a space station, and look closely at the sun, the moon and the stars. Th ...
    Published January 2017
  • Jag lär mig kroppen

    by Ingela P Arrhenius
    I Learn About is a series of activity books for children aged 4 and up. In I Learn About the Body, we explore the body, the senses, food, and much, much more. How do we experience flavours, how does your heart work, and what happens to our bodies ...
    Published January 2017
  • Djuren i skogen, Vinterboken

    by Sarah Sheppard
    Here comes a sparkling, frost-covered winter greeting from The Animals of the Forest. Cold weather, snow and darkness have arrived and the animals are working hard to find food and stay warm. The sixth book in Sarah Sheppard’s success series, quirky ...
    Published October 2016