Non ficion

  • Pluto är ingen planet

    by Annelie Drewsen
    '"My name is Edwin. I love space! My mum says it's just a coincidence that I have the same name as the American astronomer Edwin Hubble". "Edwin is a nice name, that's all," she says. But I don't believe that's true. I was supposed to have the same ...
    Published May 2017
  • Vilda djurboken

    by Martin Emtenäs
    Martin Emtenäs has explored dens, lairs and caves, and climbed into the nest of a white-tailed eagle. He has weighed, measured and tagged bears, eaglets and wolf pups, and met wildlife wardens, rangers, bird watchers and researchers across the count ...
    Published March 2017
  • Jag lär mig rymden

    by Ingela P Arrhenius
    I Learn About is a series of activity books for children aged 4 and up. In I Learn About Space, you'll write, draw and work things out while learning about space. You'll visit a space station, and look closely at the sun, the moon and the stars. Th ...
    Published January 2017
  • Jag lär mig kroppen

    by Ingela P Arrhenius
    I Learn About is a series of activity books for children aged 4 and up. In I Learn About the Body, we explore the body, the senses, food, and much, much more. How do we experience flavours, how does your heart work, and what happens to our bodies ...
    Published January 2017
  • Laga

    by Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
    MAKE is the fifth book in the series. It features 10 easy recipes from taco pie to vegetarian lasagna. There are also suggestions for how to exchange certain ingredients to make the recipes vegetarian, lactose- or gluten free. The instructions are il ...
    Published September 2016
  • Bygg ditt eget dataspel!

    by Måns Jonasson
    Program from Scratch teach children and young people how to make their own computer games and programs. Do you think programming is difficult? That it’s something only computer fanatics or super nerdy Bill Gates-clones in their upper teens can handle ...
    Published July 2016
  • Teddy - en liten hjälte

    by Lin Hallberg
    Many animals live on Angel Bliss Farm but Elsa and her family might bring yet another horse to live with them. Hasse was found abandoned in a stable without enough food or water. But when they meet Hasse, they notice that he’s sick. He has sad, dull ...
    Published June 2016
  • Du är bäst, Pytte!

    by Ingrid Flygare
    Tiny is going to horseback riding camp! How exciting! But also a little scary. Tiny and his rider get to try dressage, cross-country and show-jumping, but Tiny isn't very good at any of it. It's no fun to feel that you'll come in last in everything. ...
    Published May 2016
  • Katten Nils - Söndagsdisk

    by Johanna Kristiansson, Joakim Gunnarsson
    At breakneck speed and with astonishingly funny strips we follow the not-so-smart cat Nils, who is in love with Lisa Sylt, and who sometimes has to babysit Tigris, who chews on everything. And Mean Morr might appear - then you have to beware. Nils a ...
    Published May 2016
  • Kalas

    by Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
    With fun and easy party-project instructions, planning the party can actually be as much fun as the party itself. No need for expensive stuff, just a little imagination. Adults, step aside and let the kids loose in the party workshop! PARTY is the f ...
    Published April 2016
  • Första trädboken

    by Lars Klinting
    The First- books is a series of four non-fiction books for children. They provide basic knowledge about our most common birds, insects, mammals and trees in an easy, straightforward way. Classics to bring with you in nature. Lars Klinting is a mu ...
    Published February 2016
  • God jul

    by Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
    Following their successful Step-by-Step series Clara Lidström and Annakarin Nyberg are back with a new book. This time the focus is on making Christmas goodies together – and turning Christmas with all its preparations into a joyful time of less str ...
    Published October 2015
  • Alfons trollar och trixar

    Alfie shares his best magic tricks. With the help of clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions Alfie shares his best magic tricks. Some are very simple and perfect for the very youngest magicians, some are a little trickier – actually so tric ...
    Published September 2015
  • En ny kompis, Pytte!

    by Ingrid Flygare
    A New Friend, Tiny! is a story about friendship and jealousy. Ingrid Flygare's illustrations are charming and right on, and all the horse-crazy children out there will immediately fall in love with Tiny and his friends.
    Published September 2015
  • Ivar träffar en Triceratops

    by Lisa Bjärbo
    Fast-paced adventure stories that ends with a fun, fact-filled spread where each dinosaur talks about himself in My Friends-format. The dinosaurs are cute while being just the right amount of scary. The perfect book for all dino-fans – and there are ...
    Published September 2015
  • Bänkad

    by Annica Wennström
    Benched is an exciting warm story about identity, love and camaraderie. Both on and off the court. Sebastian is in ninth grade. Soccer has always held center stage in his life. There is great camaraderie at practice and there's Karsten, their coach, ...
    Published August 2015