• Bänkad

    by Annica Wennström
    Benched is an exciting warm story about identity, love and camaraderie. Both on and off the court. Sebastian is in ninth grade. Soccer has always held center stage in his life. There is great camaraderie at practice and there's Karsten, their coach, ...
    Published August 2015
  • Biljana är inte kär

    by Martin Jonols
    To be in love or not can be a complicated problem when you’re in the sixth grade. In the second book about Biljana life becomes more complicated. Her former best friend Emma has started hanging out with the cool girls in school, the ones who smoke a ...
    Published April 2011
  • Biljana är bäst!

    by Martin Jonols
    Biljana is twelve and plays left fullback in the local soccer club. In two weeks, they are playing the number one team in their division, and Biljana is as nervous as the frog she once looked straight in the eye just before her mom ran over it with t ...
    Published March 2010
  • Joy & hockeykillarna

    by Helena Östlund
    Joy and her delightful, unconventional family are back! In this, the third and final part, she has really got the butterflies!The girls in the class have fallen in love with the hockey boys, and Joy is persuaded to write love poems for all her friend ...
    Published August 2009
  • Spelvändning

    by Mats Wänblad
    The books about Lovisa are just as much about what happens on the football field as what happens inside the head and body of somebody who is becoming a teenager! * Football, friendship, family.  
    Published May 2006
  • Hög press

    by Mats Wänblad
    Football is at the centre of things in this, the fourth part of the series about Lovisa. But most of all, Mats Wänblad describes what it is like to be an ordinary girl, with school, family, mates and what it is like to enter puberty. - Friendship, t ...
    Published April 2005