Romance & relations

  • Saker ingen ser

    by Anna Ahlund
    A lot is happening in the hallways of Sibylla High. There's Fride, who's so in love with Miriam that he/she can't think of anything else. There's Yodit, who paints and dreams of her secret pen pal. There's Johannes, who leaves all the difficult decis ...
    Published August 2017
  • Väntar tills natten kommer

    by Christoffer Holst
    'I shiver when the cold night air seeps in through the gap. My feet find their way to the deck and the boards groan underneath me. I push the door shut carefully, walk to the edge of the deck and grab one of the thick pillars holding the ceiling up. ...
    Published June 2017
  • Tappa greppet

    by Katarina von Bredow
    Hampus and Victoria are best friends. They're always together and take each other for granted. Or at least they did, until recently, when their drama teacher came up with exercises that made them reveal all their secrets. Now everything is ruined ...
    Published March 2017
  • Som hund som katt

    by Per Nilsson
    – I hate you. It was the first thing you said to me. I wasn’t prepared for it. Or that you’d say it so calmly. Not like you were angry, or like something had happened, you just said it really calmly. You didn’t even turn away, just looked me straight ...
    Published June 2016
  • Du, bara

    by Anna Ahlund
    "Frank, this is my little brother John."He looks up, watches me.I hold my breath.His eyes sparkle. Black like a night ocean just struck by lightning. Without letting go of my eyes he stands up, smiles and holds out his hand. I take two steps forward ...
    Published May 2016
  • M varken mer eller mindre

    by Petra Backström
    19-year-old Maj has gotten herself tangled up in four love affairs at the same time. But no matter how much she tries to get untangled, things only get worse. To figure it out, she invents a "feelings" experiment. There's my ex, who I still sleep wi ...
    Published January 2016
  • Mycket mer än en puss

    by Mårten Melin
    Much More than a Kiss is the freestanding continuation of More Than a Hug. This is thirteen-year-old Isa's story and she talks in a simple and honest way about how it feels to want to be close to somebody, as close as you can possibly get. Mårten Mel ...
    Published September 2015
  • Släppa taget

    by Katarina von Bredow
    Elsa and Stella are twins. They're close and do almost everything together, but they're still very different. Stella is social, extroverted and sometimes distracted while Elsa is careful and considerate and not as good as her sister at taking what sh ...
    Published August 2015
  • Du föll och jag för dig

    by Lina Stoltz
    The first time Frida sees Jakob it is as if the whole world stops. A swirling tornado spins through her chest into the very center of her stomach. He leaves but his gaze stays with her – it leaves burn marks inside of her. Jakob doesn't know what to ...
    Published March 2015
  • Lite mer än en kram

    by Mårten Melin
    "Have you ever kissed a girl?"Of course I hadn't. Not for real. I shook my head. Amanda looked toward the closed door and then over at me."You want to try? You can kiss me if you want to." Imagine being thirteen and having a sister who's fifteen. Im ...
    Published August 2014
  • Hon & han

    by Katarina von Bredow
    Alicia is trying really hard to be good enough. She’s popular in her class but isn’t really a part of the “in” gang. At school she tries hard to say and do all the right things – so much so that she is completely exhausted when she gets home from sch ...
    Published June 2014
  • Det handlar om dig

    by Sandra Beijer
    “The first time we meet I am fifteen years, seven months and three days old. I’m standing in the living room of someone named Erik. You’re sitting in front of a black piano, a beer can in your lap. You’re fifteen, with a concave chest and shiny eyes ...
    Published March 2014
  • Fulast i världen

    by Ingrid Olsson
    Simon knows how it feels to get beat up, but not how it feels to hit back. And he knows how it feels to miss someone until it hurts, someone who doesn’t miss you back. Siw is ashamed of everything – her name, her family, herself. She also knows how ...
    Published August 2013
  • Som om jag frågat

    by Johanna Lindbäck
    Everything changes that fall when John enters ninth grade. He has known that it’s been going on for a while, but it’s not until that Wednesday, after soccer practice, that it really happens. That’s when Mom and Dad tell him they are separating. Just ...
    Published August 2012
  • Kärleksboken

    by Lin Hallberg
    Lin Hallberg’s strong authentic books about a middle school class have been read and loved for ten years. The series consists of: The Book of Friendship, The Book of Best Friends, The Book of Let Downs, and The Book of Romance. The Book of Romance i ...
    Published August 2012
  • Långt ifrån slut

    by Ingrid Olsson
    – Of course I would never go out with Tor, I say and laugh. Tor and I? Totally insane.But Vanessa isn’t laughing.– I’m sorry, she whispers. I’m horrible. You’re the best friend in the world.– So are you, I say, and swallow. Vanessa goes to her dad i ...
    Published June 2012