• Teddy - en liten hjälte

    by Lin Hallberg
    Many animals live on Angel Bliss Farm but Elsa and her family might bring yet another horse to live with them. Hasse was found abandoned in a stable without enough food or water. But when they meet Hasse, they notice that he’s sick. He has sad, dull ...
    Published June 2016
  • Teddy och hopptävlingen

    by Lin Hallberg
    Fall has arrived at Angel Bliss Farm. Fallen apples cover the ground under the apple trees and the birch leaves are yellow. Elsa is excited and nervous. The jumping practice with their riding teacher Sofia is drawing near and the contest will take pl ...
    Published June 2015
  • Det är jag som är Juni

    by Lin Hallberg
    Juni is tired of the fact that in order to be a successful person you have to have after-school activities. Her favorite after-school activity is to chill with her cat Marmalade. Unfortunately, Juni's best friend Alba is exactly the opposite. Alba lo ...
    Published August 2014
  • Teddy på ridläger

    by Lin Hallberg
    It is a special week for Elsa. She and Kajsa are going to be responsible for the animals on the farm. In addition, they finally get to go to horseback riding camp together. How will that be? Will Teddy behave? Because you can’t really know with Teddy ...
    Published June 2013
  • Hemma kanske inte är en plats

    by Lin Hallberg
    Sara is nineteen years old and is about to graduate from high school when she is in a terrible accident. The happy days of graduation are replaced by hospitals, hoses, and the project of learning to walk again. And it is here, in her hospital bed, th ...
    Published April 2013
  • Teddy en sommardag

    by Lin Hallberg
    It is soon summer vacation and Elsa is looking forward to spending all her time with Teddy and the other animals on the farm. But will summer really be as fantastic as she believes? Mikaela is going to a jumping camp with Santos and Elsa is not allo ...
    Published May 2012
  • Vem är du Johanna?

    by Lin Hallberg
    Johanna was born on Iceland, but grow up in Sweden with her mom. She lives and breathes for her beloved riding school horse Kasper. When Kasper gets sick and has to be put down something in Johanna breaks. Johanna loses her grip on reality more and m ...
    Published September 2011
  • Teddy på rymmen

    by Lin Hallberg
    The world’s most mischievous Shetland pony is back in a new easy-to-read  adventure, one that looks like it might end very badly… When nobody is available to accompany Elsa and Teddy to their riding lesson at Broby Farm, Elsa has to go by herse ...
    Published June 2011
  • Teddy börjar skolan

    by Lin Hallberg
    It is Christmas morning at the farm, and Elsa is the first one out in the stable, where the animals are waiting for breakfast. “Soon, we are going to start riding school and teach you to be an obedient pony,” Elsa whispers in Teddy’s ear. It is time ...
    Published May 2010
  • Adzerk - den vita hingsten

    by Lin Hallberg
    Emma is fourteen years old and spends most of her time with her beloved horse Ajax. But when her best friend Katrin starts to become more interested in boys than horses, they grow apart. And then everything else changes as well when Emma’s parents de ...
    Published September 2009
  • Teddy och hans vänner

    by Lin Hallberg
    At last Elsa will get to ride Teddy properly. Elsa and Teddy are going to have riding lessons from Sofia. She knows all about horses and loves to hear about all the tricks that Teddy gets up to. Lots of things happen in this third book about Teddy. ...
    Published June 2009
  • Teddy i huset

    by Lin Hallberg
    Teddy has now moved into the farm. But it hasn’t turned out at all like Elsa thought it would. Teddy is ill-tempered and stubborn. He doesn’t want to obey at all, and he is far too strong for Elsa. Will she ever be able to ride him? Lin writes with ...
    Published May 2008
  • Teddy till salu

    by Lin Hallberg
    Elsa is Myggan’s half-sister in Älskade ponny/Dearest Pony, Isgalopp/Ice Gallop and Ponnysommar/Pony Summer. Now she’s in the second grade and has gotten her very own easy-to-read book series. But the books are just as much about Teddy – the mistreat ...
    Published July 2007
  • Isgalopp

    by Lin Hallberg
    When Myggan is entrusted with the job of looking after the pony Santos, it is a dream come true. But there are problems too: what if Myggan has ridden Santos too hard when she went jumping in the forest? And how will she be able to afford all the cat ...
    Published August 2005
  • Ponnysommar

    by Lin Hallberg
    The summer holidays are approaching and Maggie is as happy as any eleven-year-old with her own pony to look after at the stables. Happy that is, until she finds out something dreadful is about to happen. It just can’t be true. The local council has ...
    Published July 2006