• Omänniskor

    by Kristoffer Svensson, Nanna Johansson
    This exciting first young adult novel by Nanna Johansson & Kristoffer Kringlan Svensson is an urban fantasy that makes us question the world as we know it. The book is the first in a trilogy. When Sigrid accidentally discovers that she can turn ...
    Published October 2015
  • Kamp

    by Pascale Vallin Johansson
    Lo, Amir and Vidar have understood that their fates are closely intertwined – together they can defeat the Master and save the world. Now everybody is after them: the police, their foster parents and the Master's henchmen. The children flee for their ...
    Published May 2015
  • Drömbärarna

    by Kerstin Lundberg Hahn
    - Is it dangerous, Malva asked.- Of course it's dangerous, the man scoffed. Are you ready? How can the wind blow in the neighbor's trees even though it's perfectly calm outside? And why does Malva have such strange dreams after tasting the apples he ...
    Published August 2014
  • Dömd

    by Pascale Vallin Johansson
    Pascale Vallin Johansson has been a voracious consumer of books since she learned to read. Exciting mysteries and stories about magic were early favorites. Later came realistic books about inequalities. It was natural that she would, in her own first ...
    Published March 2014
  • Pixis bok

    by Mårten Melin
    Pixi and her parents have died in a car accident. They end up in heaven where everything is peaceful and beautiful. But suddenly she is sucked away from the sky. Her uncle Ola, who is a doctor, has revived her. Her injured face has been restored and ...
    Published March 2013
  • Häxor i tunnelbanan

    by Martin Olczak
    In this last part, Betty and Rurik Jack continues searching for his mom and dad. Now they have everything they need to find them: the mythical Silver Compass and hairs from Jack’s parents. They have also learned something that turns everything on it ...
    Published March 2012
  • Jag är Love

    by Mårten Melin
    “This is how it’s been all my life. People were crazy about me. Everybody! In fourth grade I went out with every single girl in my class because I was too cowardly to say no. If the boys dared, they would probably have asked me out too.” Love Kristi ...
    Published March 2012
  • Varulvar i Storkyrkan

    by Martin Olczak
    Together with Betty and Rurik, Jack continues searching for his parents. They have managed to capture the mythical Silver Compass, which will lead them to the right place, but in order for it to work they need a few hairs from Jack’s missing parents. ...
    Published January 2012
  • Vålnader på Vasaskeppet

    by Martin Olczak
    Together with Betty and Rurik, Jack continues his search for his parents. To succeed they need the legendary Silver Compass. The tracks lead them to the Vasa Museum. But the Vasa Ship is guarded by ghosts: drowned sailors who went down to the bottom ...
    Published September 2011
  • Trolldom i Gamla stan

    by Martin Olczak
    The Hunt for Jack is a new adventure series in four parts by the couple behind the successful books about Megaboy. Witchcraft in The Old Town, Ghosts on the Vasa Ship, Werewolves in The Stockholm Cathedral and Witches in the Subway, all four to be p ...
    Published June 2011
  • Förvandlad

    by Mårten Melin
    One morning Måns wakes up with dirty feet and hair in his mouth. He soon understands that he has been walking in his sleep, but doesn’t understand why everybody makes such a big deal out of it. It’s not that bad, is it?But his mom seems to think so, ...
    Published March 2011