• Laga

    by Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
    MAKE is the fifth book in the series. It features 10 easy recipes from taco pie to vegetarian lasagna. There are also suggestions for how to exchange certain ingredients to make the recipes vegetarian, lactose- or gluten free. The instructions are il ...
    Published September 2016
  • Kalas

    by Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
    With fun and easy party-project instructions, planning the party can actually be as much fun as the party itself. No need for expensive stuff, just a little imagination. Adults, step aside and let the kids loose in the party workshop! PARTY is the f ...
    Published April 2016
  • God jul

    by Clara Lidström, Annakarin Nyberg
    Following their successful Step-by-Step series Clara Lidström and Annakarin Nyberg are back with a new book. This time the focus is on making Christmas goodies together – and turning Christmas with all its preparations into a joyful time of less str ...
    Published October 2015
  • Första måltidsboken

    by Johanna Westman
    Johanna Westman = the best friend in the kitchen to all parents of young children! This is the perfect book for parents of children moving from mashed foods to solids. No more semi products, but good well cooked food that is simple and fast to make. ...
    Published April 2011
  • Johanna fixar fest! Hela årets kalaskokbok

    by Johanna Westman
    Every day can become a party! Friday night on the couch, Saturday candy day, Valentine’s Day for two, Lenten buns with marzipan, Barbeque… In Johanna Throws a Party! Johanna Westman has gathered all the best recipes. Hurray!There are so many things ...
    Published April 2010
  • Minsta kokboken

    by Johanna Westman, Astrid "Bobo" Gandini
    Recipes that are suited to the youngest, most inexperienced yet very fussy cooks in the history of cooking! The Cook Book for the Youngest  teaches the little ones how to make fantastically good food. "Clear step-by-step pictures, so that you d ...
    Published June 2006