• Den avhuggna handen

    by Åsa Lind
    Opus has promised his mother to behave perfectly all summer. He is not going to cycle without his helmet, use all his money to buy sweets, or climb on to the balcony railing. These are the conditions if Opus is to stay at home alone during the day ...
    Published March 2017
  • Megakillen i dubbeltrubbel

    by Martin Olczak
    Megaboy is back! Ready to outsmart new thieves. He faces his most difficult case yet when he meets his evil doppelganger. The doppelganger takes over the entire town and seems to stop at nothing to ruin things for Melker. But there’s one thing that s ...
    Published September 2007
  • Megakillen - den stora hemligheten

    by Martin Olczak
    Melker Jonson is an ordinary boy – with a great secret. He’s a superhero! The local newspaper writes about Megaboy and the radio tells of his heroic deeds. Everybody wants to know who this young superhero really is.    But only three pers ...
    Published February 2007
  • En tyranns död

    by Bo R Holmberg
    Örn is captured but manages to escape. He travels to the city by the sea where he gets a job delivering bread. But it's dangerous there. He is attacked and flees back to the city by the river with Marta, who has reappeared. Vendor and his rebels are ...
    Published May 2016
  • Den blodröda manteln

    by Bo R Holmberg
    Adventure story for 9-12-year-olds, easy to read, nonstop excitement! Vendor has seized power in the city. He hires Örn to clean out the criminals, but those who support him get to stay. Örn's brothers Måns and Grels want to remove Vendor from power ...
    Published January 2016
  • Dödens bröder

    by Åsa Lind
    "The custodian is absent. In case of an emergency call 072-32 11 10" That's what the note in the custodian's office says. Absent means that the custodian is gone, the teacher explains to Opus. Maybe he's sick or on vacation? Or maybe he's been kidn ...
    Published September 2015
  • Ficktjuvens vän

    by Bo R Holmberg
    Måns is the oldest. He's the biggest too. He was already a grownup when I was a little kid. Our parents are buried on the farm. We have a farm, at least a house, or more like a shed maybe. Mother and Father are buried behind it. I don't know much abo ...
    Published August 2015
  • Cirkus Caramba - Drottning-mysteriet

    by Åsa Rosén
    Circus director Caramba believes that he is a mystery solving genius. But when Jambalaya, the star of the circus, is falsely accused of having stolen a queen's crown from the museum, Caramba is faced with a tricky case. Luckily his clever helper Hube ...
    Published April 2015
  • Cirkus Caramba - Vampyr-mysteriet

    by Åsa Rosén
    When it comes to solving mysteries, circus director Caramba sure had his appetite whet. So when he reads in the paper about a circus thief in Transylvania he packs up Circus Caramba and heads over there. Hubert, Caramba’s best friend and house mouse ...
    Published May 2014
  • Svensk synd

    by Martin Jern
    “Fourteen years old and so fucking lonely in my head.” Otto is fourteen years old and lives in a small backwaters village. He is lonely and misunderstood. He wants to go somewhere but doesn’t know where. It’s election time and a party hostile toward ...
    Published April 2014
  • Ugglor i Bagarmossen

    by Petrus Dahlin
    Kalle Skavank works at his father’s kiosk sometimes. He’s also very good at solving problems, which is why he’s known as the kiosk detective. Together with his cousin Dilsa, he takes on baffling, hard-to-crack cases. In this first part of a new dete ...
    Published May 2007
  • Prästmordet!

    by Lena Lilleste
    New mysterious murder case for Tommy and Chipper. A true to life, easy-to-read mystery for faithful fans. It is summer vacation and Tommy’s mom has married Fredrik and they have left for their honeymoon. While they’re gone Tommy stays with Chipper ...
    Published June 2013
  • Cirkus Caramba - Eldslukar-mysteriet

    by Åsa Rosén
    The circus has come to town and everybody is waiting for Cayenne and her fire act. But Circus Director Caramba announces that there will be no fire show! Somebody has snuck into Cayenne’s circus car and stolen all her fire tools. Cayenne is flamingly ...
    Published May 2013
  • Änglar på Skogskyrkogården

    by Petrus Dahlin
    Kalle Skavank works at his father’s kiosk sometimes. He’s also very good at solving problems, which is why he’s known as the kiosk detective. Together with his cousin Dilsa, he takes on baffling, hard-to-crack cases. This is the second book in the ...
    Published May 2007
  • Svag is

    by Kristina Sjögren, Ewa Christina Johansson
    Trails of blood in the woods. Dogs disappearing without a trace. A little girl who stops talking after being attacked and severely bitten by a dog. Seventeen-year-old Siri is a natural born detective. She and her new friend Clara discover a dog coll ...
    Published September 2011
  • Den sorgsne veterinären

    by Petter Lidbeck
    A veterinarian hooked on gambling is pressured into getting rid of the famous race-horse Ego Boost. Breathless excitement in this the tenth and final book about Three Girls – Petter Lidbeck’s detective series with three sassy girls as the main charac ...
    Published August 2011