• Saker ingen ser

    by Anna Ahlund
    A lot is happening in the hallways of Sibylla High. There's Fride, who's so in love with Miriam that he/she can't think of anything else. There's Yodit, who paints and dreams of her secret pen pal. There's Johannes, who leaves all the difficult decis ...
    Published August 2017
  • Väntar tills natten kommer

    by Christoffer Holst
    'I shiver when the cold night air seeps in through the gap. My feet find their way to the deck and the boards groan underneath me. I push the door shut carefully, walk to the edge of the deck and grab one of the thick pillars holding the ceiling up. ...
    Published June 2017
  • Flickan på hotellet

    by Katarina Wennstam
    "A girl only a year older than you was found dead at a hotel, here in Vasastan". Valentina practically threw the plates down in the sink, making the porcelain clatter. "Somebody strangled her. And just left her there, under a duvet cover". A seve ...
    Published May 2017
  • Jag vill vara jordens medelpunkt

    by Charlotta Lannebo
    "I haven't been here very long, but in a strange way it feels like an eternity. Nothing happens here, but I know I am experiencing something that would make anyone jealous. I'm on the other side of the Earth. At home, it's winter and here it is la ...
    Published May 2017
  • Ordbrodösen

    by Anna Arvidsson
    With the help of the written word she can manipulate your thoughts and actions. You're unaware of becoming her puppet... A peculiar family has lived for hundreds of years in a small industrial town in Värmland. They have a prominent position, and p ...
    Published January 2017
  • Du, bara

    by Anna Ahlund
    "Frank, this is my little brother John."He looks up, watches me.I hold my breath.His eyes sparkle. Black like a night ocean just struck by lightning. Without letting go of my eyes he stands up, smiles and holds out his hand. I take two steps forward ...
    Published May 2016
  • M varken mer eller mindre

    by Petra Backström
    19-year-old Maj has gotten herself tangled up in four love affairs at the same time. But no matter how much she tries to get untangled, things only get worse. To figure it out, she invents a "feelings" experiment. There's my ex, who I still sleep wi ...
    Published January 2016
  • Omänniskor

    by Kristoffer Svensson, Nanna Johansson
    This exciting first young adult novel by Nanna Johansson & Kristoffer Kringlan Svensson is an urban fantasy that makes us question the world as we know it. The book is the first in a trilogy. When Sigrid accidentally discovers that she can turn ...
    Published October 2015
  • Djupa Ro

    by Lisa Bjärbo
    Deep Peace is a story about friendship, sorrow and small communities. About old memories, new feelings and secrets that seep out when you begin to scrape the surface. In a small southern Sweden community nineteen-year-old Jonathan is found dead. It' ...
    Published September 2015
  • Onanisterna

    by Patrik Lundberg
    I remember Simon's words from graduation."Do you understand why people are crying? We'll see each other in adult ed in August."And here we are. It's the fall after graduation. Kim and Simon start adult education, they don't have a choice, they messe ...
    Published August 2014
  • Vill ha dig så illa

    by Gunnar Ardelius
    "He breathes into her ear, she closes her eyes, whispers, pulls at his jeans. For a moment he feels like telling her everything.A sharp pain pierces him.That's what so horrible. It's a moment that can only exist if you don't consider the consequence ...
    Published August 2014
  • Villig

    by Christina Wahldén
    "My first book Short Skirt came out sixteen years ago. It is still my most circulated book in libraries. I wish it wasn't needed, that it wasn't still an issue. But young people, some­times even younger than the book, continue to read it. Rape, and h ...
    Published August 2014
  • Otopia

    by Per Nilsson
    – I don't get it. You lived in paradise, Miqi. You were a part of creating the new world. So what are you doing here, all alone? Miqi lives in Otopia, she is part in creating the new world.A fair world without property, without money, without violen ...
    Published August 2014
  • Välkommen till LA, baby

    by Moa Eriksson Sandberg
    Doris lives in the shadows of sorrow. She seeks affirmation in others and has a difficult time putting up with herself, taking up space. With her best friend Ottilia she takes a break from her university studies for a dream trip to San Francisco. Her ...
    Published June 2014
  • Svensk synd

    by Martin Jern
    “Fourteen years old and so fucking lonely in my head.” Otto is fourteen years old and lives in a small backwaters village. He is lonely and misunderstood. He wants to go somewhere but doesn’t know where. It’s election time and a party hostile toward ...
    Published April 2014
  • Det handlar om dig

    by Sandra Beijer
    “The first time we meet I am fifteen years, seven months and three days old. I’m standing in the living room of someone named Erik. You’re sitting in front of a black piano, a beer can in your lap. You’re fifteen, with a concave chest and shiny eyes ...
    Published March 2014