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  • Här kommer färjan

    by Arne Norlin
    Halvan is the First Mate on the Oceania, a ferry, and a place where every day springs new surprises: dogs that run off; people who fall... But with Halvan at the helm, it will be a safe journey on the ocean blue. A fact-filled and fascinating book fo ...
    Published September 2017
  • Damaskus Sölvesborg

    by Per Nilsson
    Leo has lived all his life in Sölvesborg. Nour was born in Damascus. Now they're in the same class at secondary school, although they've never spoken to each other. During an outdoors day in the forest with the class, Nour injures her foot and she an ...
    Published September 2017
  • Risulven Risulven

    by Nina Ivarsson
    Risulven, Risulven is a book that grips the reader from the first page to the last. Written with great insight and sensitivity, Nina Ivarsson's first book is a dark and realistic tale about Pär, Risulven and all the others who roam the neighbourhood ...
    Published September 2017
  • Myran och gåtorna

    by Linn Gottfridsson
    Having a Mum who's in love is good, because she says yes to almost everything. Usually, Myran thinks that Mum can be quite picky. 'Seriously...,' she sighs, even though it's about something tiny and unimportant. Now she seems to have forgotten what i ...
    Published September 2017
  • Den fruktansvärda hämnden

    by Mårten Melin
    Nila and Mai are best friends. It's rather unusual, though, as Mai is a ghost. When the class is going to perform a ghost story on stage, Mai, of course, wants to play the ghost, but that's Esben's role. But then Esben falls ill... Mårten Melin hard ...
    Published September 2017
  • Den magiska ärtan

    by John Holmvall
    Virvla the Fairy gets up to all sorts of mischief but when she runs away to the forest things turn dangerous, because in the forest lives a big, mean troll.
    Published September 2017
  • Pojken från längesen

    by Kerstin Lundberg Hahn
    When Tove meets the mysterious semi-transparent boy, it marks the beginning of a life-changing journey through time and space. Her existence is turned upside down when he reveals his secret. Kerstin Lundberg Hahn is back with a finely-tuned, exciting ...
    Published September 2017
  • Mias pappa flyttar

    by Gunilla Bergström
    'It's autumn and often raining. You slip on wet leaves when you walk to school. I'm in the first year and my name is Mia. I'm sad because my mother and father argue with each other, mostly in the evenings when they think I don't hear. They think you ...
    Published August 2017
  • Utslängd från zoo

    by Megan Everett Skarsgård
    Aunt Meg is not like other grown-ups. She has a habit of popping up anywhere in the world. Six-year-old Emma thinks that perhaps she's an explorer, or possibly even a secret agent. One day, the doorbell rings and there she is. 'Emma, sweetie,' she cr ...
    Published August 2017
  • Aldrig har jag sett

    by Lena Sjöberg
    A picture book about waking up, about swinging back and forth, about being comforted and playing, and about the wonder of just being together. In Never Have I Seen, Lena Sjöberg depicts the relationship between a grown-up and a child from early morni ...
    Published August 2017
  • Tulpanpojken

    by Christina Wahldén
    'Ever since I was small,' says Christina Wahldén, 'my mother has told me about the Dutch boy who came to stay with her family for nine months in 1945, after the end of the war. She was thirteen, and he was eleven. He became like an extra brother to h ...
    Published August 2017
  • Knuttes hus

    by Barbro Lindgren
    Knutte is tired of his mother's nagging and decides to move to a house where it's more peaceful. Once there, Knutte goes out and sits on the step and dreams that a cat will arrive: and it does! Then a dog turns up, and then a pig, a rhinoceros and a ...
    Published August 2017
  • Hjördis

    by Jujja Wieslander
    Number 1 Sunny Street is the best place in the world. You can hear that in the name. Here lives Hjördis with her sister, her parents, their cats Mick and Prick, and sometimes her paternal grandmother. Twelve chapters deal with friendship, play and ev ...
    Published August 2017
  • Saker ingen ser

    by Anna Ahlund
    A lot is happening in the hallways of Sibylla High. There's Fride, who's so in love with Miriam that he/she can't think of anything else. There's Yodit, who paints and dreams of her secret pen pal. There's Johannes, who leaves all the difficult decis ...
    Published August 2017
  • Dodo & Diamant städar i hallen

    by Åsa Lind
    Dodo and Diamond are about to clean. Diamond cleans the hall and the shoe rack. Dodo wants to clean inside Diamond's handbag. Imagine all the fascinating things that can be found in there: keys, sticking plasters, a wallet, safety pins and perhaps pi ...
    Published August 2017
  • Heden

    by Petrus Dahlin
    Three sisters have lived in the forest since they were small, abandoned by their parents and alone against the world. But perhaps now it's time to stop hiding and fight back. The first book, Sisters of the Forest, was published in 2009. This is the m ...
    Published August 2017