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  • Boken om mig

    by Astrid Lindgren
    So much happens during the first year of a child's life. This book will help you remember the most fun and important moments. In The Book About Me, we also meet several of Astrid Lindgren's most popular characters and enjoy the amazing illustrations ...
    Published April 2017
  • En annan Albin

    by Johan Unenge
    Albin is the kind of boy nobody notices. His teachers hardly know his name, nobody passes the football to him, nobody listens to what he says. Albin's dad talks a lot about 'grabbing what you can', and such things as 'take what you want or somebody ...
    Published April 2017
  • Ett spöke sover över

    by Mårten Melin
    'It was Friday afternoon and time to leave school. Maj put on my old coat. I had given her some clothes so she wouldn't have to walk about in the same jeans and t-shirt all the time. "I'm glad you're coming to my house today", Miarka said to Sima. ...
    Published April 2017
  • Mademoiselle Oiseau och landet Argentine

    by Andrea de La Barre de Nanteuil
    ‘"Maybe there's something wrong with me", says Isabella. "Absolument", says Mademoiselle Oiseau. "Thank the kitten for that. It makes me so very exhausted to think about people when there's nothing wrong with them". She shivers dramatically and pi ...
    Published April 2017
  • Tidenboken

    by Pernilla Stalfelt
    Have you ever thought about time? About time optimists, playtime, time travel, the time of year and timers? Is it possible to stop time? Or even keep it captive in a little jar? Time is exciting, fascinating and rather puzzling. Why does it some ...
    Published March 2017
  • Tappa greppet

    by Katarina von Bredow
    Hampus and Victoria are best friends. They're always together and take each other for granted. Or at least they did, until recently, when their drama teacher came up with exercises that made them reveal all their secrets. Now everything is ruined ...
    Published March 2017
  • Vilda djurboken

    by Martin Emtenäs
    Martin Emtenäs has explored dens, lairs and caves, and climbed into the nest of a white-tailed eagle. He has weighed, measured and tagged bears, eaglets and wolf pups, and met wildlife wardens, rangers, bird watchers and researchers across the count ...
    Published March 2017
  • Den avhuggna handen

    by Åsa Lind
    Opus has promised his mother to behave perfectly all summer. He is not going to cycle without his helmet, use all his money to buy sweets, or climb on to the balcony railing. These are the conditions if Opus is to stay at home alone during the day ...
    Published March 2017
  • Vattenskräck

    by Petrus Dahlin
    'There she goes... She can see the butterfly among the flowers. She can see the old woman, her neighbour, waving, and she waves back. She can see the little boy who hesitates to cross the street alone. But she can't see me. Maybe it's because I li ...
    Published March 2017
  • Ellens alla hundar

    by Catarina Kruusval
    Ellen loves dogs – big and small, shy and playful. But it's difficult to find a dog that's not too playful, will walk politely next to her and won't lick her face all the time. Do dogs like that even exist? And if she does get a dog, she wants it ...
    Published March 2017
  • Megakillen i dubbeltrubbel

    by Martin Olczak
    Megaboy is back! Ready to outsmart new thieves. He faces his most difficult case yet when he meets his evil doppelganger. The doppelganger takes over the entire town and seems to stop at nothing to ruin things for Melker. But there’s one thing that s ...
    Published September 2007
  • Megakillen - den stora hemligheten

    by Martin Olczak
    Melker Jonson is an ordinary boy – with a great secret. He’s a superhero! The local newspaper writes about Megaboy and the radio tells of his heroic deeds. Everybody wants to know who this young superhero really is.    But only three pers ...
    Published February 2007
  • Kråkan säger INTE!

    by Jujja Wieslander
    The first boardbook wirh popular Mamma Moo and Crow! Mamma Moo wants to try new things. Crow is horrified – Not good for a cow, he says!
    Published March 2017
  • Ordbrodösen

    by Anna Arvidsson
    With the help of the written word she can manipulate your thoughts and actions. You're unaware of becoming her puppet... A peculiar family has lived for hundreds of years in a small industrial town in Värmland. They have a prominent position, and p ...
    Published January 2017
  • Jag lär mig rymden

    by Ingela P Arrhenius
    I Learn About is a series of activity books for children aged 4 and up. In I Learn About Space, you'll write, draw and work things out while learning about space. You'll visit a space station, and look closely at the sun, the moon and the stars. Th ...
    Published January 2017
  • Jag lär mig kroppen

    by Ingela P Arrhenius
    I Learn About is a series of activity books for children aged 4 and up. In I Learn About the Body, we explore the body, the senses, food, and much, much more. How do we experience flavours, how does your heart work, and what happens to our bodies ...
    Published January 2017