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Ivar träffar en Triceratops

Nicky Meets a Triceratops

Lisa Bjärbo

Fast-paced adventure stories that ends with a fun, fact-filled spread where each dinosaur talks about himself in My Friends-format. The dinosaurs are cute while being just the right amount of scary. The perfect book for all dino-fans – and there are ...

Familjen Monstersson: Min vän Boris

The Monsterson Family: My Friend Boris

Mats Wänblad

The new series is intended for the very youngest beginner readers. Sparse text with reader friendly typography, interspersed with speech balloons and uppercase letters and lots of fun color pictures! A fun book with unexpected turns. Ebba has a new ...

Röda masken

Handbook for Superheroes: The Red Mask

Elias Våhlund

If you dream about something long enough, one day it will come true. Lisa has managed her first Superhero mission, although it feels as though she has only dreamt it. For in her everyday life, everything is as usual. She hates being at school and the ...

Måla julen

Paint Christmas

Lotta Kühlhorn

A colouring book for the youngest children this Christmas. Father Christmas, presents, a tree and much more that comes with Christmas.

Pussla julen

Puzzle the Christmas

Lotta Kühlhorn

A pair-puzzle book for the youngest children this Christmas. Twelve jigsaws with different motifs, and with two parts in every jigsaw. Find the pieces that fit together!

Titta julen

Look, it's Christmas

Lotta Kühlhorn

A Christmas boardbook for the youngest readers. Father Christmas, gingerbread, presents, a tree. Nobody does Christmas like Lotta Kühlhorn! She knows everything about celebrating Christmas. Here she gives the youngest readers a taste of her world of ...

Räven och tomten

The Tomten and the Fox

Astrid Lindgren

For Christmas 2017, this classic story will be launched in a new edition with brand new drawings by the renowned Eva Eriksson, the first time she has illustrated Astrid Lindgren's tale. It was originally adapted by Astrid Lindgren in 1965, and illust ...

Tio vilda hästar firar jul

Ten Wild Horses Celebrate Chistmas

Grethe Rottböll

Now It's Christmas and Ten Wild Horses invite you to a slap-up Christmas party, full of fun activities and a set Christmas dinner. But no animals like exactly the same thing as the horses. Worms can't jump over a buck or throw horse shoes, the fox do ...

Jul pysselväska

Christmas Activity Bag

Catarina Kruusval

A mini-bag containing a lot of entertainment, including three activity books, one songbook and a jigsaw, all in mini-format and based on Catarina Kruusval's books about Ellen and Olle.

Tjoho, nu är det jul!

Heigh-ho, Now it's Christmas!

Ulf Nilsson

A wonderful big book for Advent that can be read throughout December. The main characters are Ruffe the Pig and Kss-Kss the Cat. Ruffe has heard rumours that Christmas is approaching. If you are a pig you have to escape into the forest, or at least, ...

Familjen Monstersson: Monstervinter

The Monstersson Family: Monster Winter

Mats Wänblad

Ebba and Boris are out sledging, but despite their having great fun competing, Boris is not happy. When Ebba works out why, she organizes a surprise to cheer him up. The tenth instalment in the Monstersson Family series is as wonderfully surprising a ...


The Dinosaur Hunt

Johan Egerkrans

Alla tiders dinosaurier Aktivitetsbok

Dinosaurs for All Ages Activity Book

Johan Egerkrans

Här kommer färjan

Here Comes the Ferry

Arne Norlin

Halvan is the First Mate on the Oceania, a ferry, and a place where every day springs new surprises: dogs that run off; people who fall... But with Halvan at the helm, it will be a safe journey on the ocean blue. A fact-filled and fascinating book fo ...

Var är Sammeli?

Where is Sammeli?

Ilon Wikland

Olle has a dog called Sammeli. He’s Olle’s best friend and he loves playing hide and seek. Where has Sammeli gone now? Pictures by Ilon Wikland.

Damaskus Sölvesborg

Damaskus Sölvesborg

Per Nilsson

Leo has lived all his life in Sölvesborg. Nour was born in Damascus. Now they're in the same class at secondary school, although they've never spoken to each other. During an outdoors day in the forest with the class, Nour injures her foot and she an ...